5 Ways To Improve And Upgrade Your Style

Improve And Upgrade Your Style

Are you tired of wearing the same old style clothes over and over again that lack no luster and you feel as if your style has been the same for like the past five years no improve but on the other hand you don’t have the funds to be spending so much money on clothing you said yes to any of that I’m gonna help you out today I’m gonna go over six ways that you can upgrade your style without breaking the bank, that is really awesome for you and to improve. You can upgrade and improve your style without spending much amount.


Go For Second Hand

Second Hand improve style

Back in high school broke didn’t even have a job but I still loved the style and it’s learned where and how to buy used clothing and eBay should be your eBay one stopping ground to find some amazing pickups at like sixty seventy eighty percent of what they would be in retail just because they’re second-hand and they’ve been lightly used so, for example, you can probably buy a bomber or a jacket from j.crew for like two hundred bucks retail brand new or you can go on eBay look for a used one that looks basically new for around fifty bucks that’s like a 75% discount off retail just cuz it’s been lightly used.

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Make A list

Make A list improve style

This one’s very important especially when you’re young make a list of what you need so many times we go to the mall and we end up splurging on items that we can’t even juice and only wear a couple of times because it’s super trendy and really not functional or versatile so instead go to your wardrobe and make a list of things you need like a good leather jacket a good denim jacket an Oxford look at the basics that you really need and make a list of that then the next time where you do have spending capital make sure you go to that list and actually shop for something that’s there that you know that you can wear multiple times throughout multiple seasons.

Start Investing

Start Investing improve

Now you need to invest in clothes and styling. In such a way that it should not break your bank. You should try new trends timely but spending on them should be a thinkable task. So you should plan your investments in advancements. And you should start collecting money for all that things that you want. This will upgrade, improve and improve your style. So, This is is an important point that you should follow to improve.

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Invest Wisely

Invest Wisely improve

Trends are okay but just don’t invest so much into them investing all of your cash. On hyped up items that quickly go out of style is an easy way for you to both be broke. Out of style and one or two seasons instead please heed my previous step. And play it safe by those basics first once you have those covered. Then it’s okay to start investing in some trends here and there that will flare up your overall wardrobe.


Seasonally improve

To invest in pieces that you can wear in multiple seasons so this is actually pretty easy to find next time you go to the store. And you pick something out or you’re thinking about buying something ask yourself the question. Can I wear this in multiple seasons? For example, if it’s a denim jacket the answer is yes you can wear it in the spring. You can wear it in the fall and you can use it as a layering piece in the winter. That’s three seasons that you’re gonna be milking that product. If the answer is no is it really worth it spending a hundred plus on something that you only wear one season every year.



  1. Good tips. The first tip reminded me of a story and well… no one is going to stop me so I am just going to tell it.
    I had an interview for a Teaching position at the local College. I went to the Thrift store (used clothing) and bought a suit. Later I bought a new tie that cost about 4 times what the suit cost. It was still a cheap tie.
    On my way to the interview my heel fell off. Apparently that can happen to guys too. One could hear me clicking throughout the College halls as I made my way into the interview room.
    In the interview there were people who would be my colleagues if I got the job. There was also the man who would be my boss. This man would go on to become the president of the College. So there I was… trying not to click as I walked around the room.
    Well… I gave the interview of my life and wound up teaching at the College for almost another decade.


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