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Coldest Place On Earth To Visit
Coldest Place On Earth To Visit

This world is comprised of extreme climates that can make it really difficult for humans to stay there and live in these regions. There are many cold and harsh regions that experience extremely cold temperatures that are difficult for a human to live. There are many coldest place on earth but these are the coldest ones. And if you are living in summer season sometimes these places are still experiencing winters which are difficult for us to live there in such a cold climate. Some places which are the coldest place on earth are really difficult to survive but they are among best places to go.

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Here is some Coldest place on earth which is among coolest places to go:

Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk Greenland coldest place on earth
Nuuk Greenland Must places to go

Greenland is the world’s largest island which is one of the places to go. This island is covered by ice and which is 81 percent. This place is really cold and its average climate does not increase 10 degrees Celsius. And this is warmest of their temperature in summer months. This place is blanketed by full of ice and this ice prevents sun rays to enter in their atmosphere. This is extremely cold and difficult to live. This city is a colorful city and is the capital of Greenland and is among best places to go.

Alaska, U.S.A.

Alaska USA coldest place on earth
Alaska USA

It is a U. S. state in the northwest of Canada known for outdoor activities like skiing, Mountain Biking, and kayaking. This state is really cold and the temperature usually drops negative 30 degrees Celsius. As due to snow it also gets low sunlight. This one of the coldest place on earth which is among difficult region to survive. Too much cold is also difficult to handle. This is among very nice places to go. If you want to go on an adventurous trip this among best places to go.


Eureka, Canada

Eureka Canada coldest place on earth
Eureka Canada places to go

The north of the United States which is Canada is one of the coldest places on earth but is really nice places to go. This place is located more to the north so, that’s why this is the really cold temprature on that place. Winters of this place is far more cold and chilling. Winters of this place lasts about 5 months which is really long time. The temperature of this place is low as negative 40 degrees Celsius. In winters it is least likely to have a temperature which is above the freezing level so this makes this place the coldest place on earth and among best places to go.


Halley Station, Antarctica

Halley Station Antarctica coldest place on earth
Halley Station Antarctica

This place is the coldest place on earth which you may have included in your list of places to go but you will be shocked to know the temperature of this place. This place is the southern most continent of the world. The lowest temperature ever recorded was negative 89 degrees Celsius. This place receives very little or no sun rays there. This place is also the driest places to go on earth. And average precipitation is 10 cm a year. It also holds 70 % of earth’s water. This place is the global platform on earth for space weather observation. This is built on floating ice. It is among very difficult places to go there but if you get any chance it is among best places to go.


Oymyakon, Russia

Coldest place on earth

Russia is the largest countries in terms of the surface area covering one – eighth of the world’s land. The climate of Russia is so cold because of many factors like it has an enormous size and because of the continental climate Russia is often struck by coldest winters and is among best places to go. Because of its vast size and their winters are long and harsh. Some places are there when they catch snowfall the temperature fall below negative 40 degrees Celsius. This place is a small village in the east and the lowest temperature recorded here is negative 71 degrees Celsius. This temperature is really very low and difficult to survive.


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