How To Be Good Looking In Your Pictures

Good Looking-Pictures
Good Looking Pictures
We all live in a world of social media, and everything we do from socializing to networking, job hunting to dating happens in social media. So, we all have a social media profile, and you belong to have a personal profile and want to be good looking. The most important aspect of our social profile is our profile pictures. We all know the importance of the first impression which is in first 10 seconds when you meet somebody. The other person form opinion about you based on your verbal and nonverbal communication from social media. So, it is important that pictures that we use for our good looking personality should be best.

Table Of Contents

  • Consider your sides
  • Avoid Brightness
  • Clean your Face
  • Right Color
  • Signature Posture

Here are some Tips For Good Looking Pictures

Show Left Side

Left-Side-good looking-Pictures
As per scientific studies, it has been noticing that left side of people faces are more attractive than the right one and this is an interesting thing. When we take photos, we should compare this thing that left side is more good looking than our right side. And especially when we pose from any side it looks better when we raise straight. So, you can try this technique for good looking photos and better social impression.

Don’t Take Pictures In Brightness

Sunlight-Good Looking-Pictures
Avoid Brightness

The main reason behind this is the sun is bright, and the direct sunlight makes our photos look darker in sunlight when the light is coming from behind and when is directly above you will see shadows which don’t look nice in pictures. This makes your eyes something like baggy instead of making it look brighter. So, you need check direction of sunlight before clicking photos and make sure that you are looking clear or not and you also need to check surroundings for the background.

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Wipe Off Your Face

Good Looking-Pictures-Face
Wipe Off Face
We didn’t notice that when we go outside our face is like greasy and with that face, you will look darker and your face will look unclear. So, better if you explain your face then it will be better for you. You can use a piece of paper and extra cloth that will be beneficial for you. As you know that face is the most important thing that you want to show too many people so, you need to take care of it.

Find Your Colour

Good Looking-Pictures-Color
Good Looking Pictures Color

You need to find a color that suits you and you, need to make that color your signature color which looks incredible on you. Most of the guys look good beautiful in light blue and vibrant colors, and it looks fresh on your personality in pictures. Selecting a color which suits you is not a difficult task, but it takes time. Then you can use that colors in future, and you will always be good looking in your photos. Always match your clothes with proper colors, and you look good looking in your pictures.

Right Posture

Good Looking-Pictures-Posture

Now you are ready to take look good picture. Now make sure that you are standing nice, tall with the right chest. You can stand up on your toes to get that right posture. You can also try different poses and find out that in what posture. Postures can be different for a tall and a short guy. So, you need to know that in what you look more classy and perfect. As you need to make sure that your first impression should be good to others.


The main goal is to look good with little effort. So, having the best profile picture is the best thing that you can do it. Many of us judge people on the basis of the profile of the person. So, you need to improve your social media profile and gain more followers and improve your first impression.


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