How Stopping Procrastinating and Laziness Help You Live a Better Life?

How To Stop Procrastination And Laziness
How To Stop Procrastination And Laziness

Procrastination simply means delay which gives reason to the laziness of a person. We all try to stop being lazy or Procrastination and we need to stop Procrastination in our daily life. You know sometimes when we need to buy daily life things for our home and we go to the market and shop all the things. But later you notice that you forgot one thing that you forgot. This is really irritating for us. When I try to remember things by writing a to do list which is really beneficial for us.

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How does The Brain work?

Brain how to stop procrastinating
Brain how to stop procrastinating

We all agree that our brain is sometimes not good at remembering things. And when we put the load on our brain it slows down and it really works slow.

For instance, if we try to open so many things on our computer the performance will slow down and it will not be able to complete one task completely and may crash the computer.

Similarly our brain stores all our ideas and thoughts and if we cannot complete that task then it may slow down.

Our subconscious brain stores a lot of information for years and at the time of need, it remembers you. The bad thing is that a lot of information like this makes us Procrastination and lazy.

What should you do?

Doing Things Better how to stop procrastinating
Doing Things Better how to stop procrastinating

Just like when you throw a stone in water it comes out and it forms ripples. And after some time it gets silent again. Which means that input is equal to output.

We also need to understand this quality of water for our brain. Just like this, we need to give attention to our ideas as it needs not more than it not less than it.

So to avoid Procrastination we need to follow this as we also need to make our brain silent like water to work hard and avoid being lazy. There are steps to getting things done through getting things done the technique.

Follow “Getting Things Done” Technique For How To Stop Procrastinating

Here are steps to understand this concept and follow it properly which you should in your life to avoid Procrastination. This will give to great benefit and will help you to understand things better.

Step I: Brainstorming Ideas

Capture how to stop procrastinating
Capture how to stop procrastinating

According to this, you need to write down your ideas which come in your mind. This makes your brain free and helps to reduce stress levels. So, you must write down all your ideas on a paper, phone or diary. Whether the idea is big or a small one you must write it down.

So, that you can be stress-free and work on your things without distractions in your life. This process empty space for good ideas in your mind.


Step II: Clarify

Clarify how to stop procrastinating
Clarify how to stop procrastinating

After making list you must clear all your things that you have written. Many people write these things but it doesn’t work for them as they have not clarified those things for them.

If we don’t do this that thing will be in our mind and it will be useless for to make that list. So, you must make it clear by writing all about that thing.

First, analyze that thing then check their outcomes after that check that is that thing is actionable or not? So, make it clear that that thing is trash for you or your future task.


Step III: Organise Your Life

Organise how to stop procrastinating
Organise how to stop procrastinating

Then put all that things on their specific list or place. Like non-actionable things can be put into trash, future or reference. You must delete if that idea doesn’t work and put into the trash and do others like this.

If that idea is actionable then you should divide it like if you are delegating that task, any future task, task which takes time, instant tasks.

So, make yourself clear and organize things by doing this. This will help in reducing Procrastination.


Step IV: Time For Review

Review how to stop procrastinating

Doing the process of capture, organizing, reviewing we can complete the task but after some time we may forget these things.

It is very important for us to review all the things. So, make yourself a schedule that you will review your tasks daily or weekly in this way you will not forget your task that you can if you don’t review it.

So, by doing this we can remember our thoughts which we have to do in future and review our past thoughts.


Step V: Engage Yourself

Procrastination Engage how to stop procrastinating

This is a really important step to do as we all know that we watch some interesting things and follow it for some time and then we forget it.

So, make yourself a promise that if you want to avoid Procrastination then you should follow these task step wise as per your convenience. This will be really easy to do. Try to follow these things always.



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