iPhone 8 And iPhone X Reasons Not Worth To Buy

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 and iPhone X has made an entry after Apple’s event. Apple has changed their naming scheme as per history the name is supposed to be iPhone 7s and iPhone 7S plus. Apple has not added some good features as compared to their previous phones. Design of the phone is same and no changes have been done. They have added glass back and wireless charging support. The screen is same as compared to previous versions of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Screen resolution is also same and no changes have been done. But apple has upgraded their processor.

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  • The highest price in the market.
  • Fewer Features than expected.
  • Slower wireless charging.
  • Camera bump Scratches.
  • Glass Back Breakable?
  • No Headphone Jack.

Reasons Not Worth To Buy iPhone 8 And iPhone X


iPhone 8-Price
iPhone 8 Price

Price of iPhone starts at $999 which is really insane. As we are familiar with expensive phones but iPhone is giving phones at the price in which a person can buy Thailand 30 nights in 5 Star Hotel. Samsung is providing a lot more features than apple and much lesser price. So, it is not worth to buy iPhone with fewer features and high price. This is most important factor for choosing a Phone. At this price, one can do a lot of things which is still better than buying iPhone.


Features-iPhone 8
Features iPhone 8

iPhone is providing same old features with the addition of improved processor and wireless charging. But other companies are providing far better features and at a lower price range. Samsung has also premium flagship phones but at a much lower price range. But still, apple lovers will buy this phone as they have different perceptions of their brand. If we compare Apple with other phones still we will be getting more features than apple.

Wireless Charging

iPhone X-Wireless-Charging
iPhone X Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 will support wireless charging but the technology Apple is using can provide you charging your wirelessly but at a very low speed. Other companies are providing wireless charging at higher than Apple. So, choosing iPhone 8 will be chosen just for a Brand, not for their features they provide. Their wired charging is still better than wireless charging.

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iPhone X-Camera
iPhone X Camera

If you are buying iPhone X for a camera then it is appreciated. But buying a phone for the camera is not a good decision. You can buy professional cameras which will give you more quality and same at much lesser price than iPhone. The placement of iPhone camera is not that good as this can get scratches which an Apple user never wants. The device may be slimmer by this placement but other companies are providing the slimmer phone if you want so.

Glass Back

Glass Back iPhone 8

iPhone X is coming with glass back so, this is a really nice look. But giving glass back will give more chances to break that glass if you drop your phone. So, to use that glass you need extra protection. Having a glass back gives rise to the finger prints which does not look good while holding a phone. So, the user will always need some protection Like skin or a case.

No headphone Jack

No Headphone Jack

There is no doubt that many companies have started ditching headphone jack. And iPhone X also is following their path of iPhone 7. But having no headphone jack is like we cannot listen to music at low cost. We have to buy Apple’s wireless headphones which are again priced higher. Making technology wireless is future but the price will also increase with that technology.


iPhone is a brand and if they made few changes which are still not better than other competitors. So, you should always consider checking other brands. And the thing is that you can do a lot more things with that money. But still, everyone has their choices.

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