How to Start Using 7 Life Changing Principles For Success

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Everyone dreams of something in their life to achieve. The definition of success can be different for everyone. Success is something that demands hard work and everyone can do hard work. But despite hard work, you have to do smart work and also need guidance in your life so that someone can guide you that in which direction you should go in life. They need a teacher who can guide them about life changing principles which they can follow and keep their motive strong by following the principle. First of all, there is a story through which some principles are derived:

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Story To Read:

There was a garden having the freshness of flowers and greenery everywhere. It has a light house in it. There was a sumo wrestler who looks strange because he was wearing nothing but only diapers which were tied with wires. Then he saw a stop watch of golden color and ran towards it to grab it and fell down on the ground and fainted. After some time he smells the fragrance of rose flower and got up. After getting up he saw a path filled with a lot of diamonds. Then he started going on that way which is filled with happiness.

Here are life changing principles derived from a story:

The Garden

the garden route
the garden route

It symbolizes our brain, in which if you sow good seeds then you will see good flowers which will feel you better. But if you don’t care about it and leave it waste and without care then it will be home to diseases. Which will be doing bad for you. But similarly, if you plant good thoughts, positive thinking like kindness, respect, love for others and other good things. Then this will also make you happy and make you have success in your life through these life changing principles. But if you fill bad thoughts for others like rudeness, anger, hate for others then this thing only works badly for you than others. This makes you unhappy and not let you succeed in your life. so, negative thoughts can create many problems so avoid thinking negative and follow this principle.

The Light House

light house landscape lighting
light house landscape lighting

It symbolizes aim or goal of your life. Just like lite house guides ships for the correct way to reach correct designation. Just like this, every human needs to climb higher in life so we need a goal, passion, and purpose. If a man doesn’t know his goals then there is very less chance for his success. So, you need to set your goals so that you can focus on that. And then after the target is set you must focus on your goals in your life. As soon as you focus on your goals and objectives the sooner will be you able to achieve success.

Sumo Wrestler

sumo wrestler diets Principles of success
sumo wrestler diets Principles of success

It represents KAIZEN which means that continuous improvement. Just like sumo wrestler makes his continuous efforts for their like, we also need to learn continuously in our life. You must not overlook changes in your life and you should keep focusing on your mental and physical health. This principle will help you reach your life goals and make time for yourself easily this is life changing.

Wire Cable

wire cable cord Principles of success
wire cable cord Principles of success

Wire cable cord symbolizes self-control and discipline just like a wire which contains a lot of wires bind together which makes this strong like iron. Just like that our self-control and discipline is made with a combination of small things. Like avoiding junk food, doing exercises and getting up early in morning etc. These all small things when done for a time, this brings big changes in your life. So make good decisions in life about your habits.

Stop Watch

stop watch calculator Principles of success
stop watch calculator Principles of success

This represents the time of a human being whether rich or poor. Every human being gets 24 hours of a day. But the way of using the time differentiates a rich happy man and poor sad man. The poor man doesn’t value his time but rich man values his time. So rich man manages time smartly as he also wants to work and enjoy equally. So, manage your time smartly life according to a schedule and remain happy in your life this can be life changing for you.

Fragrant Rose

rose fragrance Principles of success
rose fragrance Principles of success

The fragrance of rose represents helping others without benefiting itself. Happiness is helping others is incomparable to any other happiness. Like rich people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc also donates money to poor people which give them satisfaction and real happiness in their life changing success. If you want to become happy human so you must also help others selflessly without your benefit.

Diamond Path

Diamond Path Principles of success
Diamond Path Principles of success

The diamonds in the way represents the present time in which we are living in. If a person always thinks about his past or future he will always be running towards it but not be happy. Like a person thinks of his childhood was best but after being old they think that young is best. And they never enjoy their present thinking of material things they wish for. But money is not everything a person must have. Start enjoying your present and cherish what you have and thank all things you have in your life. Value everything you have this is life changing as the present cannot be replaceable by anything.


  1. Oh wow, such an interesting approach to explaining the principles of success. For me, I’m sometimes guilty of not capturing the now and focusing way too much on the then and the future. I find that success comes when you enjoy the process and live in the moment. It’s not just about the destination.

    Thanks for the encouragement,
    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
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