How Stress Management Makes You a Better Person?

Stress management
Stress management

We cannot always control what happens to us in our life as life is based on action and reaction so, sometimes there are many reactions we can’t handle in our life. And all these leads to stress. This can happen in the lives of anyone which is not normal but we can learn how stress management works and get our lives on a normal track. Worrying about anything in our lives can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and many more mental and physical diseases.

You all know who is Napoleon who was very rich and has power and frame but still, he accepted that he didn’t spend even 6 days happy of his life and you know about Helen Keller who was deaf and blind has described that life is so beautiful. So, when Helen Keller can live his life with happiness then this is a great example to us so, stress management is important to us.

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  • People who don’t know how to fight worry may die early.
  • A Doctor said that 70% of his patients can cure themselves if they get rid of their fears, stress, and worries.
  • In a study, it was examined that 4 out of 5 patients don’t have any physical reasons for their disease.
  • If they get rid of their fear worry, hate and selfishness they will be perfectly fine.

A Charm Formula For Solving Situations

I Step: Situation Analysis Outline

Analyse Situation Stress management
Analyse Situation

First of all, analyze the whole situation without fearing about anything. And be honest with yourself about the situation. And analyze that what can happen in the worse situation that is a problem for you. Take an overview of the whole situation and you will get to know about anything that can possibly happen bad for you and take the stress out.

II Step: Accept The Truth

Accept it Stress management
Accept it

After getting to know about the worst case that can happen to you then accept that fact. Accept that this thing has happened to you and you can’t change it. And tell to yourself that you will do hard work to minimize the bad effect of the situation without taking any stress. You will get a great relief after accepting the fact.

III Step: Is Betterment A Good Investment?

Betterment Stress management

In this step after accepting that you have done this and will minimize bad effects of that situation. Think about the maximum possible outcome if you will try for the betterment of that situation. Then you will find a way to minimize or maybe overcome the bad that has happened to you and you will see the reduction in stress.

If you will not follow these step and only worry about things then nothing good will happen to you. So, at least you can try it as you will have nothing to lose in trying for betterment than worrying about the situation.

Count Your Blessings

Count blessings Stress management
Count blessings

Think about a situation that if a person offers you 100 million and says to cut your hands and sell to him and if he offers 100 millions more for your legs and much more money for your other body parts will you sell them? Possibly you will not sell them. So, this situation says that we are already so much rich than we thought. We own many things worth more than millions and the most important thing in this is our time.

You should not ruin your body running after success and become rich. As we have these assets and by using them we can achieve many things but if we lose them we may face difficulties in our success.

Golden Rule Ethics

Better life principle Stress management
Better life principle

Whenever you start taking any stress than for its solution you must think of the even worse situation that can happen to anyone. This thinking says that there are many other people are stuck in the situation which is really bad for you. And you are living in a much better way. So try to reduce the worry and learn Stress management. Think that you are selfish that you are becoming sad by worrying about these small problems.

How To Develop Positive Thinking?

Stress management positive habit
Anxiety directors positive habit

Make a habit that you will count all the positive things that you have in your life and say thanks to God that you are happy and grateful to have these positive situations in your life. You should do this once a day. If you do this then you will get to know that how happy you are in your life and how better your life can be with this stress management.

Stress Management Techniques

Stress management ways
Stress management ways

I. Keep yourself busy in any activity because any intelligent human cannot think about 2 things at once. So you will not get time to think about your reason for stress.

II. Always think positive and act like you are happy as you cannot feel happy and sad same time. If you feel tensed then you should smile and think that you are happy. If you will act like you are feeling happy then your emotions will reduce and you will actually feel happy.

You can also check this article about life changing principles for success if you want to achieve success in your life. This will tell you principles you should follow in your life to achieve success.



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