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Future Technology

Today’s magic is tomorrow’s science. Tech developments will be never ending as we know that we are living in a world in which tech plays a very important role. Now tech is the backbone of all people living here. We always plan for future and make some predictions which we make efforts to make it possible just like a mobile phone, the internet and etc. There are a lot of technologies which you heard of but these technologies will be most interesting. This tech inside you like these technologies will be fitted in your body and you will be good to go smartly.

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So here is some Future Tech you will be getting in coming years.


Nano Chips For Healing

nano chips
nano chips

In coming future tech will also come inside the human body. There implant in your body having a chip which remains in your body It can be connected to your gadgets like mobile phones through apps. They will monitor things like Sugar levels, blood levels and many more things which will help human to remain healthy and prevent diseases. Some scientists are developing this tech in a form of capsule which is very helpful for us.

Birth Control Implant Cost Low

Birth Control
birth control

We have made many advancements in the field of birth control but still, there are some problems with it. Many ways of birth control do not assure success and some can be risky. But this way of birth control is really good and will guarantee success. There will be a chip in women’s body which can be controllable by remote and it will prevent birth control by generating contraceptive hormones. And it will be possible to control device inside the body.

Digital Tattoos

digital tattoo design
digital tattoo design

Tattoos can be made on human body just for style nowadays and many people make it for fun. Digital tattoos will be really advance as they will be a code to play music or video in your gadgets. Digital tattoos can have the functionality of unlocking your car or unlocking your phones. And as they will be like embedding in your skin so it can also check ink of your body tattoo and even can store data for you.

Future Cell Phone Technology 2020

Implantable Smartphones
implantable smartphones

People nowadays lost in their phones and always remain in touch with their phones. But having phones in your body can really be an interesting thing to have. Rumors say that scientist are working in a tech in which you can capture a photo with the blink of your eye and can store it in the chip in your body.Hence this will be a really revolutionary thing of we can do these things. It can display your phone screen in artificial skin.

Brain Computer Interface

brain computer interface
brain computer interface

This is a dream for everybody that if you can link your brain activities to a computer. It seems to monitors your brain activities and also monitors your dreams. This is done through brain implant and chip implants in your brain. You can also monitor all brain activities and can help cure harmful diseases which are linked to your brain.


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