What are Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid?

Online Marketing Mistakes

We are humans and commits errors, but we should learn from our mistakes that we do. In this article, I will be sharing mistakes that you should avoid while doing Online marketing. So, this post will help you to correct things that you have done wrong.

These are mistakes that people make most commonly in their online presence.

Not Focusing on Mobile Users

Focusing on mobile users

Now every person has their mobile phone and in these recent years, people are migrating from desktop to their mobile screens. So, having a website is not that enough and not this needs to be optimized for mobile users. More than 50% of users can leave your site if they don’t find it easy to navigate or in short mobile friendly.

Now, more than 30% of the websites are making mobile apps for their users in order to give them a good experience. But maintenance of app is somewhat costly so, at first company should focus on their website to make it mobile friendly.

Not Providing Discount or Offers

Discounts and offers

To maintain a good relationship with customers company often provide them some offers or discounts and giving them encouragement to buy their products.

Offering discounts will help increase your website visitors. And then also increase your sales. More than 90% of people agree that they at least visit websites during the offers and discount period. This is also a great way to expand your customer base.

This will also help you get an edge over your competitors in the long run if you start offering discounts.

Focusing on Sales, not Retention

Customer retention

Having focused on sales is not bad but retaining existing customer has its own importance. If people are purchasing goods or services from you, you also need to retain those customers and make them buy your good again.

It is proven that acquiring new customers is a lot more costly than retaining existing customers. So, you should try to get separate marketing budget for your existing customers. They will be shopping more frequently than new customers.

Not Preparing Budget

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget is a very important aspect of promoting your business. So, if you are not having a marketing budget, you should be having a budget for this.

By having a budget you can have diversified budget for retaining customers and acquiring new customers. A company can plan their marketing according to budget. By not having a budget, you can face a few difficulties in managing marketing so, this helps in getting everything on the line.

Not Personalizing for Customers


As we can see that we get many advertisement messages from various companies, sometimes you get your name in that message, this gives you a personal touch. So, instead of giving a general message or email you can personalize your message according to the name of the customer.

This will help you connect with your customers. This will also make them feel that they are getting these messages from a person rather than a computerized message. Sending them personalized messages will help them stay connected.

Not Optimizing For Google

Google optimization seo

Your website has to be optimized for Google so that people can see you in google searches. Google provides with tools to get your website visible to your customers.

There is a phase that “What you see is what you get” So, optimizing your website to get in the google search result is a good thing for your business, otherwise people will not be able to find you. You can also hire someone so, that he can do everything for your company.


Now what you can do is improve your online marketing by adopting tips which are provided to you in every mistake that you may have done. It is never late for realizing and correcting mistakes. So, you can start by making a plan that you should follow to get your business marketed online in a systematic manner and get more results by improving your business.



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